Mahari Yoga

My Mission

Yoga is for everyone

Our philosophy is based on the idea that yoga is for everyone.

We welcome people of all ages, shapes, sizes and degrees of flexibility with open arms.  We firmly believe that it is not you who must adapt to meet yoga, but it is yoga that must adapt to meet your needs. With us you can practice in safety and gradually discover wich yoga practices support your needs the best.

We are waiting for you.


So, why us?

My experience is best suited to guide you thorugh a journey where you will will gain immense health, strength and flexibility. The benefits of Yoga are immeasurable. You will reap the positive effects on the nervous system and build optimal physical and mental heatlh, while improving your well being. At the end of our sessions, you'll experience greater mobility, freedom of movement, health and flexibility, both on a muscular and mental level. 

All our lessons are accessible to beginners.

Utmost attention to each individual's needs and level in the present moment

Infusing the individual with a sense of stability and calm

Support to bring the body into positions of comfort and ease to facilitate relaxation and well-being

Treatment and prevention of arthrosis, low back pain, neck pain, muscle cramps and contractures, spinal misalignment, stress and insomnia


Hatha Yoga

Classic yoga practice, with particular attention to breathing and including relaxation practices, pranayama (breathing techniques) and sometimes even meditation. Traditionally HA and THA refer to the concepts of hot (sun) and cold (moon) energy, respectively. It is a practice aimed at bringing balance to our physical body, to our subtle energy body, and therefore also to our mental state. With a regular practice of Hatha yoga one feels deeply stable and balanced on an inner level, with greater self-control.


A dynamic yoga style in which each breath is equivalent to a movement. Vinyasa practice improves the strength, flexibility and perception of one's body. For 'Vinyasa' usually means the sequence of the 'sun salutation' which in this practice is introduced as a dynamic link between one position and another. Very important is the harmonic flow created by the teacher that allows the practitioner to enter the rhythm. Each lesson is different and consists of a creative sequence of positions guided by a deep breath, creating a meditation in motion. The firm pace and variations of postures at each lesson also make it an excellent physical exercise. The lesson is open to all practitioners both with experience and beginners.


Based on the philosophy of the Indian doctor Swami Sivananda, founder of his ashram  (monastery) in Rishikesh in 1932. It is a traditional yoga practice aimed at achieving a state of peace. The lesson follows a fixed sequence of positions and is practiced in a conscious and calm way. Over time it helps to instill great stability and to generate the inner strength necessary to remain calm, calm and in control of ourselves when we are confronted with daily life.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the passion and competence of the teacher. I don't have any doubts about where to continue my yoga path. "

- Customer's name, city, and state

"I went from thinking yoga was a sport, to embracing it as a personal journey of growth"

- Customer's name, city, and state

The calming environment and the help I received has been fantastic. I feel an improvement physically, mentally and my back pain has subsided.

- Customer's name, city, and state




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